EpigenCentral Terms of Use

These Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms”) are a legally binding agreement between you (the “user”), a EpigenCentral user, and EpigenCentral (“EpigenCentral” or “us” or “our” or “we”) and govern your use of all the genomic and phenomic information, data, statistics, reports, software, graphics and communications that we make available to you (“Data”). These Terms also govern all services we may provide through any of our web-based portal that we refer to as EpigenCentral (“Services”).

Read these Terms carefully before using any part of EpigenCentral. Using EpigenCentral indicates that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms.


The Data, Services and other information provided on the EpigenCentral platform are for informational and research purposes only, and do not constitute medical, legal or other professional advice. We do not promise that everything provided on and through EpigenCentral will be accurate, complete, adequate or current.

Your right to use EpigenCentral and Data is conditional to your compliance with these Terms. So long as you comply with these Terms, you may access and use EpigenCentral for the purpose of facilitating the exploration of epigenetic patterns in data.

If you breach any of these Terms, your right to use EpigenCentral and any further access to the platform and display of Data within EpigenCentral will terminate automatically.


We may alter EpigenCentral and/or may choose to modify, suspend the Services. If we decide to suspend EpigenCentral, we will provide you with advance notice and make reasonable steps to facilitate your retrieval of the Data you deposited.

We may also change or update these Terms from time to time, and legal notices and/or terms located on particular pages of EpigenCentral may supersede provisions contained in these Terms. EpigenCentral may change these Terms and Conditions of Use from time to time. Such amended Terms and Conditions of Use shall be effective upon publication on this website. By accessing and using EpigenCentral you are accepting that you are bound by the (then) current Terms and Conditions of Use. Please check these Terms and Conditions regularly to ensure that you are aware of all terms governing your use of the EpigenCentral Platform.


In some cases, EpigenCentral will provide links to third-party websites. If you use these links, you will leave EpigenCentral and EpigenCentral does not control any of these third-party websites and is not responsible for such websites (or the product, services or content available through them).


As between you and EpigenCentral, you retain ownership of your Submissions. You are solely responsible for ensuring that you have the appropriate permission and authority to submit Data. We are not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage of any kind to any Submission.

With regard to Submissions, you agree to the following general terms, in addition to other specific conditions detailed in the following sections:


By submitting to EpigenCentral, you agree to the following:


If EpigenCentral enables a research publication, the authors much acknowledge EpigenCentral using the following wording:

"This study makes use of data shared through the EpigenCentral repository. Funding for EpigenCentral was provided by Genome Canada."


We authorize your use of EpigenCentral only for the purposes set forth in these Terms and Conditions of Use, and all rights in the EpigenCentral platform belong to us.

When using this platform, you agree to abide by common standards of etiquette and to act in accordance with the law. For example, you agree as follows:


You agree to indemnify and otherwise hold harmless EpigenCentral, its officers, employees, agents, subsidiaries, affiliates and other partners from any and all liability, including any and all direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, and any and all costs and/or expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) resulting from (i) your use of the EpigenCentral platform, including, but not limited to, your access to, submission of, or distribution of, Data to or from the EpigenCentral platform; (ii) any misuse, unauthorized access to, disclosure, alteration, or destruction of the EpigenCentral platform, information contained in the website, and/or your communications with or through the website, or (iii) any other matter relating to the platform. You understand and agree that EpigenCentral may disclose information provided if in its good faith belief such disclosure is required by applicable law.


EpigenCentral does not provide medical advice, diagnosis of treatment. The EpigenCentral website and al materials are for informational purposes only and are provided “as is” and on an “as available” basis. EpigenCentral displays user Submissions in good faith as a research tool, does not verify the accuracy, clinical validity or utility of the data. EpigenCentral makes no warranty, express or implied, nor assumes and legal liability or responsibility for any purpose for with the Data are used.

EpigenCentral does not warrant the platform will be uninterrupted or error-free or that defects in the platform will be corrected, that any information contained on or transmitted through the platform is complete, accurate or current, that user or other information will be completely secure from unauthorized access or disclosure, or that any information will be completely secure from unauthorized access or disclosure, of that any information is free of viruses or other rogue programming.


EpigenCentral will not be liable to you for any damages resulting from your use of the EpigenCentral platform or any part thereof or from your displaying, copying, or downloading any materials to or from the platform. In no event shall EpigenCentral be liable to you for any indirect, extraordinary, exemplary, punitive, special, incidental, or consequential damages (including loss of data, revenue, profits, use or other economic adavantage) how ever arising.


If EpigenCentral believes that you are not complying with these Terms and Conditions of Use, we will communicate with you and provide recommended corrective action(s). However, EpigenCentral reserves the right to terminate your access to the platform, deactivate your account, and/or this agreement for any reason, and/or for any and all violation of these Terms, without providing prior notice to you.


These Terms are governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario (Canada). This agreement was drafted against the background of Ontario law and is to be interpreted in accordance with that law. Any disputes relating to these Terms or the EpigenCentral Platform will be heard by courts the jurisdiction of the province of Ontario (Canada).

If any of these Terms are deemed inconsistent with applicable law, them such term(s) shall be interpreted in accordance with law, and no other terms will be modified. If we choose not to enforce any of these Terms, we are not waiving any other rights pursuant to this agreement.

These Terms constitute the entire agreement between you and EpigenCentral and therefore supersede all prior or contemporaneous negotiations, discussions, representations, or agreements between you and EpigenCentral, about the use of the EpigenCentral and Data.

The proprietary rights, disclaimer of warranties, indemnities, limitations on liability and general provisions of these Terms shall survive any termination of these Terms.